Here’s our current SacWordPress services and specials. Looking for a quote? You can reach us via our contact page.

WordPress Software Evaluation

We will go through your WordPress site and evaluate the software and plug-ins against the current release levels. Recommendations will be made on what needs to be updated or replaced based on the latest threat and compatibility levels on the Internet.

WordPress Software Tune-up

Based on our recommendations of our WordPress Software Evaluation, we will correct and/or update your WordPress installation to be safe and secure.

WordPress eCommerce Upgrade

Many WordPress websites are for businesses that sell merchandise. If you have a business that has a WordPress site but isn't yet selling merchandise online, we can get you started.

WordPress Administration

Need help managing your WordPress website? Did you current administrator quit or is just too busy? Did you have a designer build you a site that's too complicated to update? Let us be your administrator! We're more that willing to be available on a part-time basis. It's good to have an expert on call when you need them.

Don't See Something You Need?

Contact us anyway. We're well versed in all things Internet. Let us help!

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